SparkFun Inventor’s Kit Add-On Pack – v4.0

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SparkFun Inventor’s Kit Add-On Pack – v4.0

With this Add-On Pack you will be able to incorporate some of the older parts that used to be included in the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit but were removed with v4.0 — as well as a few items that are still included but that you may need more of! Included in this kit you will find jumper wires, tactile buttons, NPN transistors, a DC gearmotor, a small breadboard, flex sensors and a few other parts. A full breakdown of all the parts in this kit can be found in the “Includes” tab.

This is the perfect kit if you’ve completed everything to do with the SIK v4.0 but are looking for more — or if you’d like to make the components of the v4.0 match an earlier SIK.


1x Breadboard — Mini Modular (White)
1x SoftPot Potentiometer
1x Flex Sensor
1x Mini Photocell
1x Hobby Motor
2x Small Signal Diode — 1N4148
2x Transistor — NPN (BC337)
1x Assorted LED 20-Pack (5 Red, 5 Blue, 5 Yellow, 5 Green)
1x Multicolor Button 4-Pack (1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Yellow, 1 Green)
1x Premium Jumper Wire 10-Pack — 6″ M/F
1x Premium Jumper Wire 30-Pack — 4″ M/M



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