Solar Power Manager 5V

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Solar Power Manager 5V

The DFRobot Solar Power Manager series are designed for IoT projects and renewable energy projects, providing safe and high-efficiency embedded solar power management modules for makers and application engineers.

Solar Power Manager 5V is a small power and high-efficiency solar power management module designed for 5V solar panel. It features as MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) function, maximizing the efficiency of the solar panel. The module can provide up to 900mA charging current to 3.7V Li battery with USB charger or solar panel. The ON/OFF controllable DC-DC converters with 5V 1A output satisfies the needs of various solar power projects and low-power applications. The module also employs various protection functions, such as battery/solar panel reverse connection protection, output over temperature and over current/short circuit protection, which greatly improves the stability and safety of the system.

NOTE: This board DOES NOT have over-discharge protection circuits, please use a 3.7V Lipo battery with protection circuits.


Solar Power Manager 5V

Connection Diagram



Constant voltage MPPT algorithm, maximizing solar panel efficiency

Designed for 5V solar panel

Double charging mode: solar/USB charger (900mA max charge current)

5V ON/OFF controllable regulated power supply for low-power applications

Various protection functions

USB connector with ESD shell


Smart solar environment monitor system

Solar powered robot

Small solar street lamp

Solar power bank


Solar power management IC: CN3065

Solar input voltage (SOLAR IN): 4.5V~6V

Battery input (BAT IN): 3.7V single cell Li-polymer/Li-ion battery

Charge current(USB/SOLAR IN): 900mA Max trickle charging, constant current, constant voltage three phases charging

Charging cutoff voltage(USB/SOLAR IN): 4.2V±1%

USB IN voltage: 5V

Regulated power supply: 5V 1A

Regulated power supply efficiency (3.7V battery IN)

                       5V/USB OUT: 89%@10%Load, 86%@50%Load, 83%@90%Load

USB/solar charge efficiency: 73%@3.7V 900mA BAT IN

Maximum quiescent current: <1 mA

Protection functions

                      BAT IN: over charge/reverse connection protection

                      5V/USB OUT: short circuit/over current/over heat protection

                      SOLAR IN: reverse connection protection

Operation temperature: -40℃~85℃

Dimension: 33.0mm*63.0mm


Solar Power Manager 5V x1

Black Jumper x1

M3 nylon pillar x4

M3 stainless steel screw x4

14mm*14mm Aluminum cooling fin x1

14mm*14mm Thermal conductive silicone pad x1


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