SD Card Extender – 68cm (26 inch) long cable

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SD Card Extender – 68cm (26 inch) long cable

Stop fiddling with SD card sockets in the back of your latest gadget, and streeeeeeeeeetch out with an SD Card Extender . This simple, but effective device gives you a long flexible cable, a pseudo-card on one end, and an SD card socket on the other. Plug in the SD card half and attach the socket wherever you like. This is a great hack for length constraints with 3D printers, single-board computers, data-logging kits and more. Get to your SD card in and out and safeguard against wear and tear.

The sockets are push-push. Insert the card in to lock, and press in again to release it. There’s a wee pictogram on the socket which shows the correct orientation. We used this with a Replicator 3D printer and also a Raspbery Pi Linux computer and it was speedy and error free, but it is a hack, so be aware that high-speed and high-noise environments may end up not working.

Note: SD Card not included


Cable Length: 68cm / 26″

Product Weight: 16.9g / 0.6oz


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