JST PH 2-Pin Cable – Male Header 200mm

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JST PH 2-Pin Cable – Male Header 200mm

For a really long time we assumed that the JST PH didn’t have a free-hanging male header version. But then we found this JST-PH 2-pin Male Cable, and we were like, this is perfect! It’s not a genuine JST connector, but it’s 100% compatible with a nice clicky connection that you can undo without tearing the contacts from the housing.

Plugs in nicely all with our Li-Poly batteries, it even has the right color coding! What more could you want?

We have the plug ‘mating’ version of this cable over here, as well as an ‘extension’ cable that has one of each soldered together. If you want a switch in the middle, try this switched extension cable. Finally, for PCB and breadboard use, we have the same connector but on a PCB


Weight: 1.1g
Length: 20cm / ~7.9″


Cavo JST PH 2 pin -Piedinatura maschio 200 mm

Questo non è un vero connettore JST, ma è compatibile al 100% con una bella connessione clicky che è possibile disfare senza strappare i contatti dall’involucro.

Si collega bene con le batterie Li-Poly, ha persino la giusta codifica a colori.

Questa la versione ‘d’accoppiamento’ di questo cavo , oltre a un cavo di “estensione” che è saldato insieme . Se volete un interruttore nel mezzo, prova questa prolunga commutabile . Infine, per l’uso su PCB e breadboard, abbiamo lo stesso connettore ma su un PCB.


  • Peso: 1.1g
  • Lunghezza: 20 cm


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