Fully Adjustable PCB Clamp Holder – Pro’s Kit SN-390

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Fully Adjustable PCB Clamp Holder – Pro’s Kit SN-390

This fancy and ultra-adjustable PCB holder was recommended to us by Collin, who is not only a master at soldering but also has impeccable taste in furnishings, so we just had to get these in stock. Not surprisingly, we agreed with Collin that this is a really great PCB holder. Got a big ol’ clunky circuit board that needs rework but is too big for your standard everyday vise? Not a problem. Have to do lots of through hole where you place the part on one side, then flip over to solder the other? Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The Adjustable PCB Clamp Holder from Pro’s Kit is designed for larger, heavier PCB soldering and desoldering. But it works great for small boards too and is very easy to adjust. A great choice for any workbench if you’ve got enough room for it!

4 slots for varying PCB thicknesses
Sturdy, non-slip rubber pads add stability
360° rotation! This will save you valuable time soldering going from back to front of your PCB



Material: ABS arms + metal base
Maximum circuit board size: 200 x 140 mm
Dimensions: 300 x 165 x 125mm
Weight: 450g
Product Weight: 450.0g / 15.9oz



Questo supporto regolabile supporto per PCB è davvero eccezionale.

Il supporto con morsetti regolabili per PCB di Pro’s Kit è progettato per le saldature e le dissaldature di PCB più grandi e pesanti. Ma funziona benissimo anche per le schede di piccole dimensioni ed è molto facile da regolare. Un’ottima scelta per qualsiasi banco di lavoro.

  • 4 posizionamenti per diversi spessori del PCB
  • I pad in gomma resistenti e antiscivolo aggiungono stabilità
  • Rotazione a 360°. Ciò consentirà di risparmiare tempo prezioso per la saldatura passando dal retro alla parte anteriore del PCB


  • Materiale: braccioli ABS + base metallica
  • Dimensioni massime del circuito stampato: 200mm x 140mm
  • Dimensioni: 300mm x 165mm x 125mm
  • Peso: 450 g



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