Adjustable 60W Pen-Style Soldering Iron – 220VAC Euro Plug – BEST 102C

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Adjustable 60W Pen-Style Soldering Iron – 220VAC Euro Plug – BEST 102C

Practice makes perfect! If you want things done right, DIY is the way to go! You re-work hard all day, so treat yourself with the BEST portable Adjustable Soldering Iron we carry! C’est le meilleur! OK, “Best” may be subjective, but it’s also the name of the brand, so voilà! But, sérieusement, mes amis, this is a really nice iron, good enough for every-day use. We dig the slim pen iron (so comfortable to hold), adjustable-temperature (oooh, regardez, there’s a little control box!), durable grounded cord, and fast 60 Watt heat up!

When you don’t need a full soldering ‘battle station’, this pen-type iron will work bien, either on a bench-top or in a tool box. It can handle any task you throw at it, and the handy control box sets the temperature. Once the soldering is complete and the iron has cooled off, you can easily coil it up to keep your work space clean and tidy.

This soldering iron has an adjustable temperature range from 280ºC to 480ºC. For most lead-free soldering, try 400°C. For lead-based solder, 350°C will do. Adjust as necessary! It may not be as powerful or easy-to-use as the full stand-up Hakko, but it is a lot more portable. We also carry a soldering iron stand (and a deluxe model as well) in case you want to keep it from rolling around your desk.

Best of all, you can use this iron with Hakko tips. The tip it comes with is a nice general-purpose conical tip for all through-hole and larger-SMT work. But if you want to spice things up, grab any Hakko tip and swap it out once the iron has cooled down.

This soldering iron is equipped with a 220VAC Euro Plug. We also offer this iron with a USA plug and a UK plug.


Voltage: AC 220V Euro plug
Temperature Control: 280ºC ~ 480ºC
Power: 60W
Cable Length: Approx. 130cm
Insulation Resistance: > 100mΩ
Capacitance: < 20 PF
Product Weight: 134.0g / 4.7oz


Saldatore regolabile formato penna da 60W – Spina Euro 220V AC – BEST 102C

Questo è un saldatore bello ed abbastanza buono per l’uso quotidiano. Usate la sottile penna saldatrice (così comoda da tenere), con la temperatura regolabile (c’è una piccola scatola di controllo!), un cavo per la messa a terra e un riscaldamento rapido da 60 Watt.

Questo saldatore ha una gamma di temperatura regolabile da 280ºC a 480ºC. Per la maggior parte delle saldature senza piombo, provate a 400°C. Per le saldature a base di piombo, faranno 350°C. Regolate se necessario.

È possibile utilizzare questo ferro con le punte Hakko. La punta fornita è conica, adatta a tutti i lavori a foro passante e SMT.

Questo saldatore è dotato di un tappo Euro 220 VAC.


  • Tensione: spina 220V AC Euro
  • Controllo della temperatura: 280ºC ~ 480ºC
  • Potenza: 60W
  • Lunghezza del cavo: ca. 130 centimetri
  • Resistenza di isolamento:> 100 mΩ
  • Capacità: <20 PF
  • Peso del prodotto: 134.0g


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